Monday, December 31, 2012

A Blog for the Sabbath: The Light of Christ

I'm reading Jeremiah and slowly heading towards Malachi. (It's been a long slog but I couldn't have done it without the guidance of those Institute Manuals. Boy do those really help unfold a thousand layers of historical perspective. And my attitude has improved.) Poor Jeremiah. His people are about to be invaded, disenfranchised, discombobulated, raped, pillaged...

The prophet Jeremiah, going it alone. Literally
Just a brief note of a theme I've noticed: impending doom. It's truly apocalyptic, the weight of a thousand seas bearing down on two civilizations delighting in evil, dwelling beyond the influence of the Light of Christ. This is where we find the Israelites in the book of Jeremiah, which just so happens to correspond with Mormon chapter 5, in the Book of Mormon, where my family happens to be at in our nightly scripture reading. Nephites and Lamanites, once united for nearly two hundred years after Christ's personal ministry following his resurrection, are, decades later, utterly divorced from the Light of Christ and marching to their utter doom. Literally it's like a Conan the Barbarian movie with all the dialogue removed (dialogue?!) and the hacking, chopping, stabbing left in. This is all the Nephites and Lamanites do, and to each other. They get off on it, like the SS got off on killing Jews. That's how degenerative their spiritual state had become.
Mormon, probably in happier times.

Of course, as Mormon narrates it, he laments what he witnesses, falters in his faith for their well-being, prays for them without hope. Very sad. But Mormon councils us--those who would read and study this record 1500 years later--to embrace all that is of Christ, that we might be guided by the prompting of the Holy Ghost.

Jeremiah is in the same boat. Right now he's stands before the royal court (royal! that's funny...), chained and smitten (beaten, for those who don't habla scripturesque). He's witnessing a perpetual eruption of spiritual vomitus from his people. No Light of Christ dwells in their hearts. (It's kind of hard to listen to the promptings of Heavenly Father when you're blood sacrificing little children to the gods of Baal.) With no L of C to differentiate between good and evil, there's no Holy Ghost to give you specific instructions. As readers today we are expected to take in this unfolding tragedy and avoid the same pitfalls.

At least for ourselves and those around us.


  1. I love this blog for the sabbath, wondering if you are a scripture scholar or only engaged in personal scripture reading... it's really a nice post, love the ending, "... expected to take in this unfolding tragedy and avoid the same pitfalls."

    It's New Year Day already and I'm taking this as my new year message that I may avoid related traps...

    1. Hardly a scholar. Just a man who is trying to read and understand. That's all. My best to you this new year. Looking forward to reading more of your posts. Thanks for reading.