Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Off The Cuff: If This Is So Great, Why Ain't We Smiling?

I should be overjoyed. I have too many decades of memories of this regime butchering and imprisoning dissenters and raising hell throughout the Middle East with its terrorist minions out and about planting car bombs and assassinating politicians. Watching the rebels tear down the Assad family statue is perhaps a sign that change is truly on its way. 

However, as we all should be well aware of, those joining the rebels are--sadly--Islamists who have affiliations with al-Qaeda, and they're providing much of the liaison between the rebellion and a terrified public looking for guidance and direction. When Saddam Hussein's regime fell back in 2003, hopes of getting out of Iraq in a year were quickly dashed, as we tragically learned that power vacuums suck you back in.

When the Soviets fell, along with their satellite powers, Hell rose from its anchored depths, where it had been kept in check through years of dictatorial pressure, and it went on a rampage of countless wars throughout eastern Europe. As we've seen in Russia, adaptation to democracy after centuries of oppression through czars or Soviets isn't so smooth, not when their president is a former KGB with severe trust issues. It still doesn't take much to get yourself thrown into a prison in Russia. 

My cup isn't exactly overflowing with confidence. History may repeat itself. It usually does.

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